The GreenSeed Conspiracy

We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

Duncan Stone didn’t pay much attention to that well-worn proverb till after he took the mission.

Stone served his country as one of the Army’s best special operators in South Asia, and then as a retirement specialist for the Resolution Support Agency. Well hidden in the federal bureaucracy, RSA resolves problems—with extreme prejudice—for other federal agencies. They prosecute targets, like terrorists and drug lords, that conventional law enforcement can’t.

Stone retires—kills—bad guys. He was one of the best, successfully executing dozens of missions till one day something goes wrong. That was the last mission he worked until his boss calls to say he has an op, coded GreenSeed, that’s perfect for Stone. With little hesitation, he rejoins the team that was more family to him than anybody else and dives back in to the only thing he was ever good at.

But his mission veers out of control when he finds he’s actually covering up human genetic experiments gone badly wrong. Stone has only hours to find out who’s calling the shots and why a government secret just made him and everybody he knows expendable.


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Medicines & Poisons

A brilliant young physician, Vic Fairchild may have invented a new cure for cancer, but his chronic insecurities keep him from finishing it. Even though he’s at the top of his field he feels he must compete with every doctor he encounters, including his father and ex-girlfriend. When he's forced to conduct clinical trials too early, Vic is humbled as he watches his patients start dying and he is well on his way to losing everything. This novel of medical intrigue illuminates the persistence and humility of clinicians and patients in hospitals.

Written with humor and pathos, Medicines & Poisons is about overcoming adversity, and also about fathers and sons—and the women who put up with them.


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Edge of God(Beowulf Pels)

Ex-CIA covert operator Martin Dallas has never failed a mission, not in the jungles of Cambodia or the deserts of the Middle East. After Wahhabi terrorists murder his wife, Dallas leads an elite mercenary team in a decisive covert op designed to end terrorism. Financed by an American industrialist, Dallas secures suitcase nukes for his mission and prepares to strike at the heart of radical Islamic terrorists. At the same time, the CIA and a SEAL team have only hours to save tens of thousands of Americans from dying in a nuclear inferno triggered by suicide bombers who have already penetrated U.S. waters.

When it's time to detonate his first bomb, Dallas realizes he's progressively losing his humanity and is becoming what he seeks to destroy. As Mossad and the CIA close in on him and his bomb, Dallas must quickly decide whether he'll incinerate thousands of civilians or salvage his soul by allowing his mission to fail.

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GreenSeed, Conspiracy, Cover-up, CRISPR, Genomic, Genetic, DNA, Spec ops, Special operations, Cas9, Rangers, Marines, Washington DC, Big government, Action-thriller, Philip Benz.  The GreenSeed Conspiracy is an action-thriller available in trade paperback, Kindle and epub versions that takes place in Washington DC, written by Philip Benz, about a cover-up of DNA genetic experiments conducted using CRISPR Cas9 and dCas9 genomics technology on humans by big government scientists. Former Rangers and Marines who once worked in spec ops and Army special operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, who conduct  missions to kill drug lords and terrorists, are involved in the cover-up at the behest of senators and the big government bureaucracy. An action-thriller fiction novel that takes place in Washington DC, The GreenSeed Conspiracy, available in trade paperbacm and Kindle and epub versions, describes a big government cover-up of DNA genetic experiments secretly conducted by big government scientists on humans using CRISPR Cas9 and dCas 9 genomics technology. On the orders of senators and big government bureaucracy, special operators who were formerly spec ops Rangers and Marines conducting special operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and who conduct missions to kill terrorists and drug lords in the US and Mexico, are involved in killing the subjects of the GreenSeed human experiments.